Welcome to Celestial Seahorse WATSU® Pool, a place that nurtures your body, mind and soul!

Trudy Jagger  is a wise and compassionate healer who compliments her WATSU® treaments with her knowledge of Reiki, reflexology and massage therapy. Celestial Seahorse WATSU® Pool, was born out of Trudy’s desire to share her profound healing in a refuge that includes a warm salt water pool in a serene and magical environment.
Watsu treatment

In water our bodies

find the freedom

the soul has lost.


Harold Dull, Creator of WATSU®

To know what WATSU® is, it must be experienced. Begin by relaxing in warm water, being slowly stretched, feeling each stretch through your whole body. Next, feel the pleasure of being floated. Tension is released and places you’ve been holding are freed. This is all amplified because your body is free to move however it likes. Add your most nurturing memory of being held and feeling your own lightness as you sink and rise with your breath. Then there is still WATSU®‘s flow, which weaves movement and stillness, and it is endless.
– paraphrased from WATSU®: Freeing the Body in Water by Harold Dull