At Celestial Seahorse, a session includes floating effortlessly in warm saltwater where your body will be rhythmically moved, stretched and supported encouraging fluidity in your entire body.   Watsu® is a holistic approach to healing that encourages the opening of the heart, the quieting of the mind and the nurturing of the spirit. The whole body is in continuous movement which amplifies the deepest state of waking relaxation.

Trudy Jagger performing a watsu treatment

Client experiencing weightlessness with Healing Dance, a form of aquatic bodywork.

Trudy Jagger has been a Watsu® practitioner since 1997, receiving her initial training from Harbin Hot Springs in California. She is also a Reiki master, and a reflexologist.  From these passions Trudy has built Celestial Seahorse, which is an amazing, magical spa where she shares her healing talents.

She is a member of  Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, as well as the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association.  Please call Trudy at 303-552-7110 to schedule your serene and blissful Watsu® experience.