Trudy performing watsu

– B. Eichberger

Thank you again for giving me that wonderful feeling of wafting through the spatial universe as a free spirit unencumbered by a physical body.
– J. Denslow

Trudy’s pool is truly a sacred healing place for me. Her presence in the water combines both the yin and yang aspects of this healing “dance”. At times I feel energetic pathways opening as I relax into a very peaceful place and other times I feel the playfulness of a sea creature returning to its aquatic home. Free and buoyant and happy.  I usually leave her space feeling very reconnected to who I really am and to “all that is”.
– A. O’Brian

Watsu sessions with Trudy are always a healing and rejuvinating experience. The beautiful, peaceful environment she has created in her pool room and her gentle and giving spirit work together to make her sessions a pure pleasure. When I discipline myself to schedule regular appointments instead of random occasional visits, I can feel the increased flexibility in all my joints building with every session.
– J. Gardner

With the assistance of water, Trudy helps you remember the splendor that exists in your soul.  Her passion is to create a sacred space for you with Watsu. She will connect with you in the pool with water massage to bring forth nurturing, spirituality and healing. Thank God she has the courage and wisdom to know how to bring individuals to a place within themselves to see how magnificent we truly are. After one session with Trudy I was more relaxed, rejuvenated and peaceful. We all owe it to ourselves to connect with and appreciate our bodies. Yes, and keep coming back for more. Thanks, Trudy!
– S. Ledford

Trudy nurturing through watsu

I recommend Celestial Seahorse’s Watsu water massage by Trudy. Anyone with back or muscle pain would greatly benefit from this amazing water massage. The warm water and stretching movements relieved my lower back pain immediately. I experienced total muscle relaxation and emotional calm from my session.
– J. Cordova

Trudy is an intuitive healer. I felt very safe, both physically and emotionally. It is a magical, healing environment that supports relaxation, and relieved my muscle spasms and joint pains in a gentle soothing way.
– D. Clendenning

My first experience with Hydro-therapy was after my surgeries in the mid 1980’s. This was to provide an environment in which the almost weightless affect of water would help my body to regain movement through exercise.

The therapy provided by Trudy at Celestial Seahorse is the best of the water therapies that I have experienced thus far. This is a whole body experience which integrates the support of the water with the support of the therapist. She seems to sense the needs of my body, how to loosen the muscles and providing movement that has left long-term benefits including a lengthening of my posture after the sessions.

The water therapy sessions with Trudy are much better than the simple sessions of massage that most dry therapists provide with a longer sense of relief.

– F. Reim

Trudy holding client in Watsu

Trudy and Watsu have spoiled me. It is amazing the amount of release that occurs in the water compared to on a table. Gentle. Flow. Calm. Peace. In many ways Watsu is indescribable. Your body is effortlessly supported by warm, soothing water, which allows for all of your muscles and joints to relax and for your mind to let go.  Trudy is a very gentle guide and spirit who is in tune with the needs of your body and therefore each session is different. I highly recommend Trudy and her inviting pool to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and headaches.
– Kris

Suffering from tendonitis due to years running a chain saw and playing guitar, I have found Watsu at Celestial Seahorse to provide relief from the pain and stiffness.  The stretching and almost weightlessness of the sessions are amazing and I can only compare the experience to floating on a wave through the ocean or space.  In addition to the loosening and stretching, I find the water to have a healing aspect as well so you leave a session feeling invigorated and cleansed.  Anyone suffering from muscle, joint, tendon, or back pain should absolutely try a session at Celestial Seahorse. 

– P. Gerity