About WATSU®

At Celestial Seahorse, a session includes floating effortlessly in warm saltwater where your body will be rhythmically moved, stretched and supported, encouraging fluidity in your entire body.

WATSU® is a holistic approach to healing that encourages the opening of the heart, the quieting of the mind and the nurturing of the spirit. The whole body is in continuous movement which amplifies the deepest state of waking relaxation. WATSU® was created in 1980 by Harold Dull and was influenced by Zen shiatsu. Healing Dance® was created in 1990 as an improvisation to WATSU® by Alexander George, and was influenced by ballet and Trager work as well as by how bodies move in water. Water DanceTM  was created in 1987 by Arjana Brunschwiler and Peter Schröter. The underwater moves are done while the client wears a nose clip, and is influenced by Aikido, ballet, and even dolphin movements. Receiving a “WATSU®” treatment could include any special modality that your practitioner is licensed to practice.
Trudy Jagger performing watsu

The Benefits of WATSU®

The patterns of movement are chosen to improve the body’s cardio respiratory, metabolic, musculoskeletal, neurological, and psychosocial systems all while the client remains passive. Any cause of tension or trauma is lost in a new sense of consciousness.

WATSU® facilitates:

Increased depth of respiration, Improved digestion, Enhanced immune system response, Increased blood flow to muscles, Decreased heart rate, Calming of the sympathetic nervous system, Clarity of thought, Integration of the right and left hemispheres, Quickening of the healing process

The power of WATSU® bodywork in warm water is it’s enhanced ability to help you find greater freedom through rhythmic floating and stretching.

I can feel the increased flexibility in all my joints building with every session

– J.Gardner