Go Fund Me for Therapy Pool

Life with a disability is challenging. You go for months of painful therapy and you may learn how to live with your discomfort. Hopefully, there is some improvement and you try to make your life as normal as possible. I’ve been working with people with disabilities. I’m a WATSU® practitioner for one of the biggest … Read more

Teachers I Love

I am extremely blessed to have studied with so many amazing teachers! Ahara Vatter and Peggy Schoedinger are two extremely talented ladies who will be teaching classes that will be offered at Celestial Seahorse Pool this year. It’s hard to pinpoint after a thousand hours of training, which aquatic bodywork teacher affected me most, or … Read more

WATSU® Classes

We will be offering WATSU® classes at our pool this Summer and Fall. Trudy Jagger will be teaching Basic WATSU®, and Ahara Vatter and Peggy Schoedinger will be teaching WATSU® I and II. Here’s the schedule: July 9-11, 2021 Basic WATSU® with Trudy Jagger July 14-20, 2021 WATSU® I with Ahara Vatter   August 3-8, … Read more