Go Fund Me for Therapy Pool

Life with a disability is challenging. You go for months of painful therapy and you may learn how to live with your discomfort. Hopefully, there is some improvement and you try to make your life as normal as possible.

I’ve been working with people with disabilities. I’m a WATSU® practitioner for one of the biggest non-profit organizations in Colorado. I work in a warm water therapy pool, providing WATSU® therapy for people with CP, TBI, stroke, Angelman Syndrome, Autism Spectrum disorder, people with back problems, and people with arthritis. Our pool is the only pool in Denver Metro area where three WATSU® practitioners are working with disabled population. Some of our people have been with us for many years, some are with us until they improve. You may ask, what is WATSU®, how different is WATSU® from other therapies. Well, WATSU® is an amazing water based therapy where practitioners use water and their body, to move a patients body in warm water with gentle stretching and massage. Many times I see people’s faces light up with a smile when their spastic arms and legs relax under my touch, when their pain decreases, or when for the first time in years they can walk straight. WATSU® is often the only therapy that actually works for many people.

Unfortunately, our pool is closing. It’s an old pool the needs some repairs, but there are no funds. We are at a crossroad now. We need to create our own place, a place were we will feel safe and at home.

Three great, hard working women of Wheat Ridge, Colorado are willing to lease a piece of their land to us to build our own pool. Nothing fancy, a small building with an above ground pool, that we may call home. I have a small group of people who are willing to work with me and help me to make it work. I am seeking generous people who can help me with this project.

Our place will be called Flowing Water WATSU® Aquatic Therapy, and will be available for anybody who needs aquatic massage.

Please contribute to our GoFundMe.


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