Teachers I Love

I am extremely blessed to have studied with so many amazing teachers! Ahara Vatter and Peggy Schoedinger are two extremely talented ladies who will be teaching classes that will be offered at Celestial Seahorse Pool this year.

It’s hard to pinpoint after a thousand hours of training, which aquatic bodywork teacher affected me most, or in what way. In their own way they’ve each shown me not to limit myself. They all have such varied educations that have broadened my own knowledge in such rich ways.

Ahara has many years of yoga training and she has done extensive post partum work. Peggy shares her knowledge of active water therapy for rehabilitation, and Theri has fitness, martial arts, and hypnotherapy, to name but a few of their passions. Sometimes I will be in a session and I can feel, sense, or hear them and their words or moves will be right there guiding me.

Ahara told me that the moves and sequences were like a deck of cards that got shuffled for each client. No two sessions are exactly the same!

Peggy likes to let students know that they are supposed to make mistakes, otherwise they aren’t really trying, and mistakes are how we truly learn.

When Theri and I co-taught at Celestial Seahorse Pool in 2019 it felt like we were two halves of Yin & Yang. Our styles are completely different but we each respect what the other is able to bring to aquatic bodywork and the two “flavors” compliment one another.

The very real part of teaching WATSU® is that it can bring up emotions that have been ignored because they are too difficult to acknowledge. Compassionate teachers are aware of this, and help guide their students through the mental health aspects of being a healer. Also, learning in a pool, in itself, is challenging because half your body is underwater and looks and feels disconnected from it’s other half.

All in all, holding another human being unconditionally and offering them a journey to an altered consciousness is really a gift of immeasurable worth.

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